rigorous anaerobic workouts

What is R.A.W ?

Rigorous Anaerobic Workouts - These are natural functional movements which are essential for safe and independent living.

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities?

Aerobic activities are performed in presence of oxygen and anaerobic activities are performed virtually in absence of oxygen.

What are our goals?

We believe in building community which helps us to improve functional movements and motivate us to perform high intensity workouts to get results.

How R.A.W is different from gyms?

All our workouts are composed of three distinct modalities:

  1. 1.Metabolic conditioning (M)

  2. 2.Gymnastics (G)

  3. 3.Weightlifting (W)

Unlike gyms we focus on strength, stamina and endurance in a single heat which raises your metabolic rate and you become fit over time.

What is WOD?

Workout Of The Day.

What is skill work?

We focus on the techniques and work on points of performance.

What is RX?

RX stands for as prescribed the WOD performed by an athlete.

What is PR?

PR stands for personal record an athlete made on the WOD already performed at R.A.W

What are 3 basic movements at R.A.W ?

1.    Air Squats

2 .   Dead-lift

3.    Shoulder Press

What are 6 movements derived from 3 basic movements?

Air Squat -> Front Squat -> Overhead Squat

Shoulder Press -> Push Press -> Push Jerk

Dead-lift -> Sumo Dead-lift

                                High pull - > Med Ball Clean

What to EAT?

Eat eggs, meat & veggies.

Nuts & seeds

Some fruits

Little starch

No sugar

What NOT to EAT?




Tip: Keep intake level support performance but not body fat. Also, we expect you stick to this for  at least 4 weeks.

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